Protectors of Dolphins and Whales 

" Sustaining our Oceans "


Protectors of Dolphins and Whales

        “Sustaining our Oceans”

Dear Protectors,

           Welcome to our web page. Here we will discuss the problems that face Dolphin’s and Whale’s in and out of our Oceans. These problems range from over hunting to cruel hunting methods still used in parts of the world today. We will discuss captivity, and the effects that has on our Ocean friends. Disease, illness and other health issues, problems that may interfere with sonar and cause Beaching, Net Entanglement etc. All issues that affect our Ocean Friends

          There may also be other problems that we may not know about. That! We can learn from one another. Scientist’s, Conservationist’s and Fishermen, Dolphin and Whale advocates, Media representatives, and many more. Will be here to decide how we can best help, and support the Dolphins and Whales that swim in our Oceans.

          We truly believe that the Dolphins and Whales that are in our Oceans are a Vital Part of our eco system. They are vital in sustaining our Oceans. Because, as we all well know if our Oceans die, we die.

          We will learn about how these sentient beings are parts of family’s. How they care not only for their young, but there old and sick as well. We believe there is much we can learn, about these animals, which can portray such intelligence and emotion. So already we have learned that they are very similar to you and I.

          Together, we will do everything we can, from petition signing, and letter writing to government officials, we will canvass celebrity’s to get involved, we will share the plight of our Ocean Friends to the world, and together as Protectors. We will protect the Dolphins and Whales, giving them the peace and freedom they deserve.

Trish Hogan Connors 

Thursday, Sep 1 All Day
Tuesday, Dec 6 at 11:00 PM - Wednesday, Dec 7 12:00 AM
Saturday Dec 24 - Sunday Dec 25
Friday, Sep 1 All Day

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